The dangers of internet dating sites

29-Aug-2017 03:30

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The sooner you are able to check that the person at the other end of the internet connection simply like their profile, the quicker you will have eliminated 95% of the scammers out there.The simplest way to do this is to meet in person, of course, and we’ve got some advice about doing this further down on the list below.Unfortunately, if you are a senior, or even just over 50, then you need to be even more careful.Statistics show that seniors are not only more likely to have fallen for an online scam, they are more likely to be targeted, and when they lose money, they lose more than their younger peers.

people over 50), the greatest risk BY FAR is the online threat.If everything above makes you want to avoid going online altogether, then it shouldn’t.

A social media firm should present this kind of ongoing account routine maintenance. … continue reading »

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In the recent KAT-TUN concert held on 18th May 2009, Akanishi Jin had commented that he was interested in acting in Gokusen: The Movie, but wondered aloud if "apart from him, everybody else was acting." 'If Kamenashi is casted, then so must Jin right? However, reasons for Matsu-Jun and Akanishi's no-show in this movie are said to be simple schedule clashes.… continue reading »

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